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Co-curricular Activities


The Xavierian ideology believes in activity blended education. Numerous activities going at par with academic curriculum in the Xavierian system strengthen the edifice of career of the students and bring them all round development in the true sense of the term. Apart from this, the system gives wide recognition to various other aspects of knowledge found in those who are not even sound in academic curriculum. No branch of knowledge is neglected. The perceptive teaching imparted in Schools awakens the creative and leadership skills dormant in every child. Education is customized to meet the aspirational demands of youngsters.

The Schools embark on the mission to enlighten young minds with deliberate and systematic education, inculcate into them the spirit of human as well as social values and spiritual development in a harmonious manner, so that they can confidently face life’s hardships, succeed in the struggle for existence and prove themselves assets to humanity. Such contribution of the Xavierian Schools to the nation makes them the Schools with Difference.

A Child’s bent of mind sometimes comes to the forefront through leisure activities and sports. Docility, aggressiveness, leadership, compassion, strength of mind, weakness of mind, reaction to failure, friendship and numerous other traits and facets of a child’s personality are revealed through participation in varieties of Co-curricular activities. As such, the Group of Schools has mobilized its efforts to organize activities like games and sports, physical exercises, dance & music, elocution, art and craft, spiritual discourses, picnic and excursion together with various exchange programs.

INSPOM (Inter Xavier’s Sports Meet)
Games and Sports play a pivotal role in bringing up a child to imbibe with the spirit of physical and health education, enaware a sense of ethical values like discipline and punctuality, so as to command a respectable social dignity. To fulfill these ambition of every Xaverian, the Group of Schools provide the platform of INSPOM, where every child from primary to inter mediate level get the opportunity to perform and prove. This innovative act INSPOM enable all students to come out with blowing colours not only in the national but also in international level. Every ultimate year, with different venues, children are encouraged and inspired to prove themselves as a game star or sports star besides their scholastic learning. They are awarded and provided with a congenial ambiance for enhancing their sporting spirits.

INXATCO (Inter Xavier’s Talent Competiton)
The Group of Schools do offer a variant scope for all Xaverians come out with their creative talents in non-scholastic and co-scholastic Domain. The students are inspired to earn their name and fame bagging prizes in various field like Creative writing, Pantomime, Elocution, Debate, Essay Writing, Dance song and Painting Competitions. This event with different venues helps all school students to develop and spread a common Xaverian spirit far and wide every alternate year.

Excursion & Educational Tours
A mere Knowledge gained from books becomes monotones, if it is not based on orientation & observation tours like picnic, excursion & study tours to various places of importance, so that a pupil becomes aware of this significance of observational method of learning. It is through this child learns the values of sharing, co operation, however it brings him/her a psychological refreshment. Such tips are highly informative as well as educational, for children get an opportunity to know the facts & fictions of life. This annual outing also helps a child in the way of character building.

Feast Day

Environment Day

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