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Invitees of the School

Melodious memories

Sri S.P.Balasubramanyam

Sri S. P. Balasubramanyam garu
Playback Singer, Actor, Music Director, Film Producer

I was too delighted to accept the invitation as the Chief Guest for the Annual Day 2004. A break from my lyrics and music, I walked into Sarathi with a child-like enthusiasm. The receptive air with gleaming faces gave me a feeling that it’s not my first visit. The school correspondent Mrs. Swarnasree, with her radiant smile told me that she is a great fan of myself and is too passionate about music. I could feel it from the programmes they performed infront of me. The choice of songs, their rendering, the stage presentation and each and every aspect of the programme, reflected the taste and talent of Mrs. Swarnasree. The teaching staff gave a beautiful example of team work and the result was the wonderful co-ordination and discipline that spoke of Sarathi and her culture. I felt too happy to be part of that day and went back home with indelible memories…… and the reassured belief that a good school carves out a good society.


A day worthy of remembering


Dr. K. S. Ratnakar

I was invited as the Chief Guest for Sarathi’s Cultural Fest – The Ethnic Extravaganza – 2018. Right from the school gate with the Solemn Guard of Honour given by the school cabinet & the Management, till I got up from my seat, I was in a different world of happiness and wonder that the tiny talented kids could bring into my mellowed mind and soul. The whole crowd of parents with their beaming faces spoke of the happiness they had to watch their wards perform with confidence on that huge stage. I took the opportunity to throw light on the role of parental care and alertness in the growth of the child. The Telugu Skit ‘Ramani Ramayana’ and Ballet ‘Bhasmasura’ made me spell bound. The English Skit ‘Puss in Boots’ and the dances and melodies made me wonder the way the management and teachers planned the academic schedule and all other activities in such a systematic way. Mrs. Swarnasree, the correspondent and me had a quality time interacting with each other regarding various topics related to this challenging field of education. Her visionary thoughts were reflected in every length and breadth of that programme.


Moonlit Magic

Sri Chandrabose garu

As beauty surges into my heart, my pen paints a portrait of Heaven’-that’s the ecstatic feeling I had as I stepped into Sarathian Campus illuminated with spot lights and the happy hearts of Sarathians. I was too impressed by the ceremonial welcome they gave me and made me seated as the Chief Guest for their second day celebration of their cultural fest – Ethnic Extravaganza – 2018. I have been through the torrents of talents in my musical world and what I saw in Sarathi was nothing less. The perfection in the musical notes, the elegance of the dancing feet and the variation of expressions on actors’ faces gave me a voluminous explanation of the care and training the Management and staff gave to the big number of participants who made that day memorable. I was feeling too homely to share the birth and growth of my own songs and I received with utmost delight the dance performance – a medley made out of my own compositions. I was too thankful to Mrs. Swarnasree, the Correspondent for inviting me and thus adding another colourful day in my life. Let me not forget to add another note of appreciation – the stunning performers of the hilarious Telugu Skit – “Yamalokamlo Bhoolokam”, the classic English dramas, “Julius Caesar” and “The Dear Departed”. The dance in memorium of the founder chairman Late Sri Parthasarathi Garu was awe inspiring.

It was my day among the moon lit clouds – a moonlit night of merit and magic.