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School Story

sarathi school

School Story

Amidst the urban advancements, a nature-like natural setting for the intellect – and the interest – that is what Sarathi offers for her students.

Located at Habsiguda ‘X’ Roads, Opp.to CCMB and quite adjacent to the metro station, stepping into Sarathi isn’t a difficult task for a new comer. A kick start with a big smile from the security guard at the gate, the extravagantly sprawling playground takes you to the heart and hearth of Sarathi and you become an inseparable part of this close knit family.

Sarathi School is an offspring of Sarathi Academy which was initiated by SEVA TRUST. Sarathi Academy is running an Engineering College, a College of Education, a P. G. College of Management and a school in the rural area besides Sarathi School at Habsiguda. Sarathi School prepares children for class X Examination of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

This school actualizes the dreams of the correspondent Mrs. Swarna Sree to mould the citizens of tomorrow in a globally acceptable caliber and mind set. Here the child involves himself in activities which have sound practical basis; so that he/she finally emerges as an individual with unarmed moral values and unconditional love for humanity, ready to serve the society with the contents of his/her career.

The school’s motto “Sraddhavaan Labhathe Jnanam” signifies that knowledge is obtained through concerted effort.

The school has a well-equipped Library, Science and Mathematics Laboratories, Computer Lab and all other necessary facilities in keeping with the modern trends in education. Highly qualified, experienced and trained teachers strive to maintain the academic excellence and high standards of the school.

Children in our school are taught and trained to respect the parents, elders and teachers as well as all the religions.

Education is the process of “creation of a sound mind in a sound body”. The co-curricular activities in the school inculcate team spirit in the children and help to ensure both their mental and physical growth and endow them with a broad vision of life.