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Correspondent’s Message

From the Correspondent’s Desk

The modern learning forum is shrinking from the class room activities to the computer

labs and from there to the laptops. That has made the definition of a formal education a difficult task in the modern times. So, people in the education stream ought to be planners as well as performers. Dynamism and dare-devilry complement their foresight and wisdom.

`Sow the best try to reap something better than the best`. So my realm of thoughts and mode of execution are that of perfection-oriented rather than result-oriented.

Serious thoughts are always given to the ripples of changes affecting the learner`s world. Liberalism takes over where, sometimes, strictness doesn`t work. Finally, personality of the child, keeping in pace with the changing face of the world is counted. In this transformation, moral values are never at stake. For I believe that nothing can substitute value-based learning.

Sarathi has always been a canvas for the children to paint the colours of their culture and custom. Not a chance is missed to explore the cultural concerns of their roots and rituals.

Privacy is much in preference to publicity and that explains the reason for the comfortable number of students in each class. Affordability of the common man is one among our principles. And outside the Sarathian gates, when the young students mechanise themselves into knowledge-stuffed adults, a Sarathian walks out with nostalgia about his school and a nerve for the competitive world……………

Mrs. Swarna Shree