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Amidst the urban advancements, a nature-like natural setting for the intellect – and the interest – that is what Sarathi offers for her students.

Located at Habsiguda ‘X’ Roads, Opp.to CCMB and quite adjacent to the metro station, stepping into Sarathi isn’t a difficult task for a new comer. A kick start with a big smile from the security guard at the gate, the extravagantly sprawling playground takes you to the heart and hearth of Sarathi and you become an inseparable part of this close knit family.

SARATHI – Why the best choice?

Our concept of a child is too simple but deeply genuine. We don’t expect sparkling stars to rush in but we believe in gradually paving way for a galaxy, out of the mediocre lot. For us, a child just needs a receptive mind, an interest to learn and we do the rest – magically well. We don’t expect them to pour out the products of their rot memory but bring out the beautiful by products of their own imagination and application.

Our well ventilated class rooms accommodate only a limited number of 30-35 students, where individual attention is the most striking advantage. Our measuring scales of achievements are flexible; all the praises go in parallel to the potential of the child. We teach them the possibilities from failures – their weakness is groomed in the right way to glorify their strength.

Learning at Sarathi thus becomes a journey towards self-appraisal and self-acceptance.

Academic attractions:

The pleasant good morning wishes to each other starts our day leading us to the morning assembly. Its simplicity and sobriety calls for special prayers suiting the day of the week, pledge, news updates, thought for the day, talk of the day, words from the principal and the concluding National Anthem.

The volunteers from the Student Council, under the guidance of the Physical Instructor check the overall discipline of the long line of students proceeding to the respective classes. The prefects have their allotted duties at the corridors checking the movements and the strictly instructed spoken English.

A day of 8 learning periods:

The first period is the privilege of the class teacher. A well-qualified, trained and well experienced in his/her subject, the class teacher does the grooming talk leading soon to the respective subject. Every period has the duration of 40 minutes with a short break of 10 minutes after two periods. After fifth period is the lunch break of half an hour duration. The class teacher eats with the students, giving a serious thought to the food pattern and eating habits of the children. The required note is sent to the parent if needed regarding the food bought by the child. Before the starting of the 6th period there is a serene meditating time – a short span of 2-3 minutes. The six period starts with this calm congenial mind set to learn. The day concludes with the eighth period, following by the diary period and dispersal. Their time table is evenly distributed for curricular and co-curricular activities. The games period brings out the best physical exercise as well as basic knowledge regarding all the sports and games and specification of their choice. The newly constructed Yoga Hall has added more vigour to the usual yoga practices. The International Yoga Day is celebrated in all pomp and splendour. The final word for self-defence – the martial arts is given a prime place in the curriculum. Right from the basic level they are trained to participate in various levels of tournaments. Our Taekwondo Instructor has to his credit many glorious achievements. The treasure house of knowledge – the school library has a very good collection of books on every field of learning. A well-qualified and experienced librarian guides them through the trails of reference reading and reading for acquiring knowledge. Children’s classic magazines and the like adorn this screen spot of the school. Many new books are annually welcomed to this priceless collection. The portals to the virtual world is open to the students through a well-designed and equally maintained Computer Lab. Our computer faculty through their qualification and experience in their respective field stand as a strong support regarding information technology. PowerPoint presentations, seminars & workshops have their regular schedules in the computer lab.

The quest for scientific truth is unsalable. Our Einsteins and Newtons quench their thrust for truth regarding the environment, space and life as a whole from the scientist’s angle, in our well planned and organized science labs under the guidance of the efficient science faculty.

The same interesting learning process happens in Math & Language Labs where intricate aspects of the subject is dealt with in the most practical way.

Our teaching crew

This practically powerful and beautiful learning practice happens in Sarathi with the selfless dedicated team of teachers. The Principal, the department heads of subjects and senior teachers have been serving Sarathi for the past 10-15 years. They have become the pulse of Sarathi or to be more precise they are Sarathi.