School Day Celebration – The Ethnic Extravaganza

It was a grand gaiety of culture and calibre, providing a real feast for the eyes and ears. This two-day extravaganza encompassed the entire student community, taking part in a variety of programmes. The first day was for the primary classes with their lovely dance performances, sweet melodies, skits and the like. The Telugu skit, ‘Ramani Ramayana’ and the English drama, ‘Puss in boots’ were the highlight of the day. The chief guest, Dr. K. S. Ratnakar, MD, expressed his appreciation for their unbelievable way of letting their talents out. He spoke high of the guiding hands behind that spectacular show.

The second day witnessed perfection in singing, dancing and acting, when the high school students rocked the huge stage with the Shakespearean play, ‘Julius Caesar’, the hilarious Telugu skit, ‘Yamalokam lo Bhoolokam’, patriotic dances, folk dances and the western numbers. The unparalleled lyricist of Telugu Film Industry honoured the Chief Guest’s seat and in his usual literary richness, he showered praises on the students for their performances on par with professional artists. The outgoing students took the audience by storm with their anchoring skills. Thus, Ethnic Extravaganza was a real torrent of unlimited talents.